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Why Are Roof Tents So Popular Around The World?

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The roof tent is roof racked on top of the vehicle, and its patented design is shown in the above picture. Is it different from the traditional tent? As you see,the picture above is a popular auto car roof top tent.

Consider to buy a rooftop tent? Roof tents have become a new trend in landing adventures quickly. Here, we’ll tell you the advantages of having a roof tent compared to a traditional ground tent.

From the appearance, the biggest difference between it and the traditional tent is the bottom plate and the ladder. Of course, the location is not the same. From the structure, it is not suitable for the elderly and children. After all, the height of the car is also close to two meters. It is not convenient to climb the ladder. However, it is cost-effective for camping enthusiasts.


The origin of car roof tent

Car roof tents were popular in developed countries at the beginning, and they loved tourism especially self-driving tours with plenty of holidays and funds.

Coupled with a vast area of sparsely populated, it is necessary to have a roof tent, thus you can rest at any time.

Also, Europeans are generally taller, so the space is certainly not enough for them to sleep in the car, thus, living in the top of car sleeping tent becomes a good choice.

Under the premise of the development of China’s economy in recent years, the number of private cars has been rising, it seems that it is not difficult to travel during the holidays. It has become a normal state in people’s lives, and many friends have appeared in China.

Being close to nature and driven by relaxation. The number of passengers who engaged in self-driving tours has increased year by year, and the roof tents have also lived up! At least it’s better than a regular tent.


Advantages of roof tents

    • The unique design allows it to have a better viewing vision and is safer than traditional tents.
    • Easy to organize and store, daily maintenance is simple.
    • Resting on the roof can reduce the attack of the beast to a certain extent, and is more comfortable than the traditional tent.
    • With the tent mounted on top of car, the point is that it is more comfortable, and it is difficult for campers to find an absolutely stable surface on the ground camp.
    • Good-looking appearance and fashionable designwhich make them popular among camping enthusiasts.


Disadvantages of roof tents

  • The cost is much more expensive than the traditional tent. Pricesstart at around $900 with the budget tents and go up to $3,500 for the best tents on the market. The above is even more outrageous.
  • It is inconvenient to climb the ladder up and down, and the child and the old man are relatively dangerous. It is also a terrible thing to play down on it.
  • Poor compatibility, not all cars can be installed, installation needs to see if the weight of your car travel frame is up to standard.


Installation and maintenance considerations

  • The difficulty of installing and using the roof tent is affected by its type and brand, in order to avoid misleading everyone,
  • The installation of roof tent is simple:when your car is installed, the shop will guide the installation, and if you need self-installation, you should clearly knows the load-bearing condition of the car luggage rack. Usually it is very simple.
  • It’s even easier to use. Even an adult can take 5-10 minutes to mount if the root is semi-automatic. You just extend the tent and fix it.
  • Maintenance is also not too careless (and tent will not stick to the ground soil). It is also very simple to collapse tent, this tent can accommodate 4 people, a whole family is estimated to be no problem.


What do you think of the roof tent? For the global popular car tents, what do you think about its price, practicality and appearance? You can follow us and leave a message.

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