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The Car Snorkel Selection Guide

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The modified cars with snorkel not only prevents objects such as dust, ice, snow and water from entering the engine through the air filter, but also increases the intake air volume of the engine immediately by gas compression.

Engine intake and human breathing air are the same. If you always breathe thin or even smoggy air, the body’s power function will definitely drop. Similarly, high-quality, impurity-free air intakes not only protect the life of the engine, but also optimize the dynamic performance of the vehicle. As we all know, usually the car snorkel has three major advantages:

• it prevents the engine from entering the water.
• it provides fresh, refreshing air to the engine.
• it can extend the life of the air filter.

Once you know that the car snorkel is necessary for 4×4 vehicles, and more people enjoy their camping adventures today, there’s no doubt that any off-road vehicle needs a snorkel. Now if you are considering buying a car snorkel, these important points are what you need to know.

1. Selection of snorkel models should be fit for your vehicle   

The snorkel tube is an accessory to a 4×4 car, thus it is important to know what type your car is in order to attach your vehicle in a perfect way. Please keep this in mind: the best car snorkel is the one that fits your vehicle. To choose the best jeep snorkel for 4×4 vehicles, it depends on whether it matches your vehicle model, this point is very essential and important.

We have made so many car snorkel models for various of vehicles, one of them has a number which is WINJP006. This products fits for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ(1999-2004), 4.7L-V8. We also sell snorkel 4×4 Toyota which fits for Toyota vehicle.

If you are not sure about your model when purchasing a car snorkel, you can also call us at the phone number. We will give you professional guide to help you choose the best snorkel.

2. The material of car snorkel must be tough:

The Linear low density polyethylene(LLDPE)use for snorkel body is imported from American Exxon Mobil Corporation, which is one of the best oil company. We never use old recycled materials, so the snorkel can do ideal state for 4×4 car use.

After pulverizing and dyeing for LLDPE, a black powder material is obtained, and the material is placed in a mold. The high temperature molten plastic is injected into the rotating mold, and the centrifugal force forces the molten plastic to adhere to the inner wall of the mold. The thickness of body will control around 5mm. And Better temperature control to make it more smooth surface.

3. Are the accessories of the car snorkel complete?

All accessories of snorkel set have been carefully selected and manufactured, such as:

A.High temperature resistant and corrosion resistant rubber hose

B.Stainless steel& brass screws and clamps

C.Installation template etc

All package cartons meet American standard to protect products during shipment.

4. How long is the warranty maintenance period?

Under normal circumstances, the warranty period is within 2 years. All snorkels from our factory will have a 3 years guaranteed as high quality product performance for whole set.

We have the ability to develop new items of truck snorkel. If you have your own design sample, we can make it in 30 days available. Also, there are more models coming soon.

Please check description of each snorkel carefully , and decide which kit you will use to 4×4 vehicles. Or please contact us with vehicle models, and we will advise you the right snorkel models.


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