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Six Things You Need To Know About A Car Snorkel

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The Usage Conditions of Snorkel:

When you cross rivers or the desert, the car snorkel is necessary. The snorkel is not only useful in dusty environments, but also in wet environments. Regardless of your terrain, the snorkel may still be good for your engine.


Car Snorkel Working Principle: Raise The Air Intake

Generally, the engine intake of a car is in the vicinity of the engine. If water level in the air inlet is lower than the water level when encounter the water, the water will be sucked into the engine, which can cause serious damage to the engine. The installation of a wader can increase the position of the air intake of the engine, ensuring that the engine will not enter the water when the vehicle is wadding.

A good car snorkel can keep the engine cool, clean and dry, which is an ideal device to prevent the dust from affecting the engine during the team’s travel. The wader can greatly reduce the possibility of engine damage when the vehicle is wadding. Install one before your next trip to let the engine breathe better and experience the wader’s protection for your engine.


Components of Snorkel:

The universal truck 4×4 snorkel kit are as follows:

1 .  Large pipe :

The shape is not fixed, it depends on the specific model.

2 .  Big or small head:

Whether the head is big or small, it depends on the diameter of the large pipe.

3 .  Sand collecting cup:

The sand collecting cup can replace the big or small head mentioned above.

4 .  Template paper:

According to the Template paper, it can help users to drill holes on the car.

5 .  Small tube :

It contains expansion tube and rubber tube.

6 .  Hose clamp :

The hose clamp is connecting each interface to prevent water leakage, water ingress, thus, it must be sealed.

7 .  Rest of them are the screws


Material of Car Snorkel:

The most commonly used 4×4 breathing tubes are made of plastic, especially polyethylene. Polyethylene is a rugged material that is popular in the automotive industry due to its long life and resistance to UV damage. Our car snorkel adopts the new LLDPE rotational molding process, not blow molding, injection molding and cast iron. It can be used for 5-8 years, and there is no major accidental traffic accident for a longer period of time.

The screw holes fixed on the wader are made of copper, which is better in corrosion resistance than other materials.



Now we enclosed the schematic diagram for your reference. You should read it carefully before installing it. It is very complex to mount the car snorkel, so we suggest to do it by the professional worker. It will drill holes on the cars.


Warranty Period and Conditions of Car Snorkel:

Without man-made damage,we guarantee the maintenance of the car snorkel and all parts within 3 years.

We also provide sprinter 4×4 snorkels for you. Even if you are snorkeling, try to minimize wading. Although the manufacturer will tell you about the depth of the wading and tell you how long the wading length should be, but not more than a few kilometers – even snorkeling. After all, the ability to dive and endurance swim is not exactly the same.


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