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Roof Top Tent Users Manual

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If you have a off road roof tent that attaches to top of car, you can deploy it almost instantly by unfolding and extending its ladder.

Roof top camper tent is popular and is easy to mount on the cars.

This installation manual supports all current land vehicle system tents. The process of installing some models is only slightly different and is detailed in these models within these pages.

Once you buy a folding roof tent,remove the tent from the box and place it on a clean surface. Loosen all Velcro straps so you can open the tent is enough to decompress the door and remove the item.


The Orientation of Your Vehicle Tent

Before you mount the tent on your cars,you need to confirm whether you want to let the tent open the tent to the side or to the back.More you consider the awning or shower tent when you decide the tent position.

A.  To the Back

For most larger-size vehicles opening “to the back” is preferable. The advantages  are:

• It will have more extra roof space for additional storage

• When the tent is opening,you will gain weahter protection when you accessing the back of your cars.

B.  To the Side

“To the side” is preferable For most medium or small cars opening. The advantages are:

• It allows for lift-gates to operate normally

• It means the closed tent pack is better balanced on the roof and creates less wind drag.

Once you have decided which is best suited to your application, follow the mounting instructions.

If you don’t sure ,please contact us. We are willing to reply you.


Mounting Extrusion –Attachment Instructions

1 Remove mounting extrusion from the carton and cut as per diagram 1 if you intend opening the roof tent off the rear of your vehicle.

2 Place the tent on its side on the ground onto a clean surface.

3 Using the four supplied 6mm bolts and 6mm fender washers, slide your hand in between theinside of the case and mattress and insert the bolts into the pre drilled holes.

4 Place the mounting extrusion into position over the bolts.

5 Slide the 6mm nuts into the mounting extrusions and tighten the bolts firmly from inside thetent.

6 Mount the ladder to the base of the tent using four6mm bolts. Bolt each ladder bracket to the base ofthe tent through the pre drilled holes.(See  Picture 1)

Fitting the roof tent to your roof rack or roof bars

1 Lift the tent onto the vehicle

2 Place 8mm bolt into the slide plate. Slide the plate and bolt into the mounting extrusion. (See picture2)

3 Attach the roof tent to your roof rack or roof bars in four places as per picture 3. Use 2 boltsand 2 slide plates with the base plate to hang the bar. 1 set per corner.

4 Prior to tightening all the nuts, ensure that your roof tent is centered (side to side) on the roofof your vehicle and that the mounting points (as far as possible) are symmetrically positioned near each corner of the tent.


Tent Set Up Instruction

1 Remove the travel cover from the tent by unzipping around the 3 edges and slide theremaining edge from the rope track. Stow the cover.

2 Release the hold down velcro straps on each side of the tent.

3 Slide out the ladder until the locking pins engage. The ladder can now be used as a lever toopen the tent.

4 Rest the ladder on the ground, and enter theroof toptent. Release the four bungee cords from one side of the tent. Note: if the angle of the ladder is too upright you will require the optional ladder extension.

5 Retrieve the sprung steel rods (SSR), there are then positioned to tension the outsidewindow awnings and flysheet/window awning. Insert the other end of the SSR into the hole inthe base of the roof tent, passing through the eyelet in the roof tent skirt. This will require you to bend the SSR so that the angle of the SSR is equal to the angle of the hole into which it should be inserted.

Repeat all the above steps in the reverse order to pack away your roof tent.


Cleaning and Handling

1 Cleaning: Clean the bottom of the tent, wipe the sand, and if there is pollution, use a light scrub.

2 Washing: According to the need to choose the appropriate cleaning supplies and water temperature for cleaning, so as not to affect the waterproof effect.

3 Drying: Inside and outside the tent, wait until it is dry and then collect it. If it is too late to dry the tent, remember not to store it for a long time to avoid coloring and mildew.

4 Dust removal: Use a small brush to remove dust from the zipper.

5 Storage: Store the tents in a confined space


Warranty Terms and Conditions

To purchase our products, you will be entitled to a 1 year (12 months) warranty, starting from the purchase date. The warranty covers all Parts, finishes and fabrics. We will, at our discretion, repair or replace any faults free of charge if:

1.The parts are broken,we will offer it to you for free

2.our tent is leaking,we will offer the tent fabric to you for free

3.Cover zippier is broken,we will offer the whole zipper to you.


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