4x4 Snorkel

4×4 Snorkel Description

The car snorkel can raise the car’s wad height and avoid water. It will most likely survives wad through higher floods. So it plays a very important role in off-road driving.

The WINCAR Snorkels feature are as follows:

1.The material of the snorkel is from the new LLDPE with long term UV resistance. It is very sturdy whose thickness is 3-5mm.

2.All the screws are brass-made and hardware accessories are made of stainless steel.

3.Each component is specifically designed to minimize dust and water seals.

4.High-quality car snorkel intake air not only improve fuel efficiency significantly, save grease,but also extend engine life. More increase the airflow of the engine for a comfortable driving experience.

5.We offer a 36 month warranty.