How To Mount The Awning


In the hot summer, when we are tired of playing outdoors, but there is no shade, this requires our roller blind account. Installing a temporary awning on the side of your RV or car is not a difficult task.

As a simple project, you can usually do it yourself. The retractable camper awning is small in size, does not take up space, and is easy to install. If you pay attention to the measurement, level and firm fixation, this project will be easy to carry out. Here, we will discuss how to install the awning, the tools and procedures required to provide a brief description. I look forward to helping you with your tent installation.

1  Put the car awning out of the box

Open the retractable vehicle awning out of the box and once you have purchased the awning that suits your model, the first step is to take it out of the box.

2  Install the L-shaped brackets

Our tent awning parts has the L-shaped brackets.

When there is a shelf on the roof of your car, screw the L-bracket to the roof rail.

3  Mount the awning on the anther side of L-shaped brackets.

There is a slot on the back of awning, you only need to screw in it and then attach awning to the L-shaped bracket.

4  Finish the steps above and open the awning.

Once you finish the opening, you could take a seat and have the good rest and have a good communication with your families.

The biggest advantage of the car awning is that it can be placed on the longest dimension of the vehicle. This makes it easier to install it safely and safely. You can also get more space under the canopy. If you plan to sit at a table with several partners, you may need a canopy. A good awning is a versatile accessory for your vehicle. Their setup is so simple that they provide the ideal space for cooking or relaxing at night, and are perfect for sleeping. As a way to extend the outdoor space, they are very powerful. If you have some questions,please contact us. As a professional retractable awning companies,we will be happy to receive your call.