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How To Choose The Roof Top Bag

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As we all know, the hatchback is an economical choice to us, low fuel consumption and short in shape, making it easy to drive and park on the road. But the interior space of the hatchback is a bit crowded and there is no extra space to hold with so many people and things, so it is not convenient to carry more items. It is really a headache for you to go out and drive around the family, or visit relatives and friends, and bring more items with your family.

Nowadays, people like to go outdoors, camping, adventure and pure exercise. Usually they have a lot of carry-on equipment to carry.

Besides, some group activities often need to take more than a person in a car when going out, the remaining space can not carry several people’s equipment even the sedan car.

However, the vehicle roof top cargo bag just solved the problem. It can be folded and stored conveniently, thus, it doesn’t take up space. It needs to be opened when used, which increase the storage space.

The roof just left room and left space for the luggage. This is where a rooftop cargo bag gets in the setup.The roof top bag are specifically designed to carry any belonging (especially bulky stuff) and keep it safely stored on the spacious room given by the car rooftop.

Although your car is without the rail, we could mount the roof top bag on the car roof still. Normally the roof top bag has two ways to mount on the roof. One way is straps, one way is hooks. These bags also have different types in terms of weather protection: water resistant, weatherproof, and dust-proof. Also, the cargo bag roof top waterproof can attach with or without roof rack. The stuff won’t be affected by any weather that gets in their way while traveling, which help users travel through convenience and confidence.

So now let’s talk about how to choose the roof top bag?

There are many different kinds of roof top tent in market, the features and styles are different. To help you choose the best one, read options of this guide to the roof top tent below.

1 Pick the size ofthe cargo bag that fits your car roof

First, you need to choose the right size for the cargo bag which is fit for your car roof. So you need to measure the size of roof first, then compare it to the size of roof top bag you choose. Also, it is the first step to install the car roof bag.

See whether your vehicle have a roof rack

In the eyes of many people, the vertical rails of the roof rack are nothing more than the two poles on the sides of the roof. However, in the eyes of real car buyers. this is not a simple roof pole, cause there are more than one or two categories, such as separate longitudinal rails, integrated longitudinal rails.

The former is more common, they are arch-shaped, and most of them are separated from the roof with only a few fixed points are connected to the roof. If you don’t want to install the luggage rack on it, you can fix the items directly with the rope. If your car has vertical bars, the roof top bag should be mounted on the middle of the two bars.

Learn the total weight your car can carry

Once you confirm the bag size again, you will know how much volume it is. In the end, you’ll know how much baggage it contains and how heavy it should be when driving. Make sure that your vehicle can bear the weight of roof top bag. Besides, focus on the weather protection feature that a roof top bag has, because the higher the level of weather, the higher price.

4  Know the material of the roof cargo bag

To keep the waterproof of the cargo bag, usually it is made with a waterproof material with sewing and with a coated zipper. The combination of the two can reduce the corrosion of materials by rain. This is called the roof top cargo rack waterproof carrier bag.

Built-in tie straps and short tied ropes

A roof cargo bag has two long straps and it has the lock on the straps. It will help to fix the roof top box tightly, as the picture shows.



Our roof top bag could fit your needs ,we provide the essential storage that a roof top bag has. Roof cargo bags will make your next camping trip even more enjoyable. It should not make your trip more troublesome. If you want to buy a roof cargo bag, consider its size, roof rack, materials, and price first, and you will spend more exciting adventures with friends and family.



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