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How To Choose The Roof Rack And How To Mount It?

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When traveling in the wild, you may need to attach a roof rack to the top of the car to transport luggage, kayaks or other equipment.

Don’t underestimate the role of these roof racks, even a simple rack base can accommodate many different accessories to fix bicycles, skis, kayaks, car top roof bag, surfboards, car side shade awning,etc.. All the items you carry for 4X4 camping can be fixed on the roof rack. The roof rack is not only practical, but it also adds some unique style to your car.

Choosing the right roof rack can be tricky for you because it comes in many types and has multiple accessories. But if you know exactly what you are looking for, you will be able to find the roof rack that best meets your needs.

So, now the question is, how to choose the right rack size for your car?

•  Determine the purpose of the luggage rack. First, figure out what your luggage rack needs to dois necessary. For example, if you want to put a camping tent top of car on the roof rack, you need to confirm the maximum load of the roof rack.

•  Checkall your costs carefully and decide the budget.

•  Measure the length of car roof, then you could decide the roof rack’s size.

Most people think that once the luggage rack is installed on the roof, they must be perforated or drilled in the body. They worry about that it will cause some damage to the car.

Everyone’s fears are not superfluous: punching holes or opening holes in the body can cause corrosion and leakage of the body, seriously damaging the body and paint, and even pose a safety hazard, such as reduced body strength.

Nowadays, the installation of certain products on the market is still using this unscientific construction method, which can cause damage to the body. However, the installation of our products is the opposite.

Since the company started the roof rack manufacturing business, we have considered this problem when designing each product, and hope to achieve a true non-destructive installation. Utilizing the fixed position retained in the original car production process, the roof frame is perfectly matched to each model,ensure that each product is  securely mounted on the car. Avoiding damage to the car body due to holes in the body is the original goal of our design.

Although there are some holes on the roof top of your car in order to mount the roof rack. Please remember to take care of your car. As long as it is installed and used as required as follows, it will not cause any damage to the vehicle.

Once you have selected the roof rack size that is right for your car, the next step is how do you mount the roof rack?

  • When your car roof has the gutter

Of course, the gutter brackets depends on the distance from the gutter to the car roof. We have the gutter mount and you could choose our roof rack with a gutter. As the picture shows.

  • When your car doesn’t have the gutter

If your car doesn’t have the gutter, you will need to confirm the car’s brand name and year of manufacture. Because the position of different types of car punching is different. This is the bar we use for different models, as the picture below shows.

The material of our roof rack is steel and aluminum, and it could fit for different cars. Besides, it have moderate price.

You will be happy to get our roof rack. Because it could fit various needs, and we provide the essential pounds that a roof rack can handle up. If you want to buy a roof rack, consider its size, materials, and price first, and you will spend more exciting adventures with friends and family when go camping. If you have any question, you could also contact us.


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