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Five People Most Concerned Questions About Roof Tents

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Roof top tents are peripheral products that have developed with the automotive industry. With the increase in car ownership in the country, self-driving travel is gradually warming up, and the roof tent is one of the optional equipment for outdoor self-driving tour. Now let’s see what advantages do they have.

Roof top tent advantages:

First, the roof tent can guarantee you a good night’s sleep, as long as you can park in a safe place.

Second, the roof tent can give you a separate space, and you will inevitably change clothes during the tour, right. If it is uncomfortable to change clothes in the compartment, the space is too small. At this time, it is more comfortable in the roof tent.

Many new clients worry about many problems of the roof top tent. For example,

1.Does the roof top tent fit for one car?

When The car roof has the roof rack or have the rack on the pick-up, our roof top tent could be mounted. Our tent is with the hardware accessories. As the picture below shows.

2.Can the car roof bear the tent weight?

In principle, the roof rack can hold around 4 to 5 times of the vehicle’s own weight. Normally the car tent weight is about 56kg, and it weighs 300kg(when plus the family persons) , so you don’t worry about the problem for pushing if you want a camping tent on top of your car. When you open the soft tent,half of the tent is outside the car, half is on the roof, so half of the weight is supported by the ladder.

3.Is this safety to sleep on the car roof?

Not only your cars have the roof rack on the roof, but, if you have the pick up and a gantry rack, you could also install a roof top tent, but please confirm the roof rack and Gantry rack is sturdy,so it is very safety to sleep on the tent. The roof top tent with annex has been sold for more than 12 years,there’s no complaint for the safety.

4.How to mount the roof top tent?

Our tent is with manual, so you don’t worry about to mount it.

5.When the car driving, is there wind resistance?

Since the tent is folded when driving,it gets less winding-resistance. More the height is about 30cm,it won’t affect the driving.


The tents are carried by parts and assembled only after arriving at the scene. For the friends who often do outdoor activities, a tent that is resistant to wind, rain and high-intensity is essential, but there are many varieties of tents on the market. The quality is different, which brings a lot of difficulties to the purchase of friends who want to buy camping tents.If you want more information, please read and follow all available installation instructions.


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