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Car Roof Tent Selection Guide

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More and more people enjoy their camping adventures today, now if you are considering buying a rooftop tent, these points are what you need to know.


1.The material of the roof top tent:

In general, the main material is divided into fabric and polyester, and the fabric is the most important and the largest material.Normally the clients choose 280g canvas. The material of the canvas is made of cotton, which is environmentally friendly, strong and durable. Most of the canvas roof top tent is very smooth and flat and the printing effect is very good. It is also easier to clean, even though there will be a little deformation after washing.

Of course, some client want the lower price for the roof top tent, they will choose the 420D polyester. 420D is thinner than the 280g Canvas. And the shorter using period. The heavy tents are naturally larger in size, and relatively the lighter tent materials are thinner.

2.Accessories of the roof top tent—pole

The pole is actually very important, it is the two big pieces in the car tent. The tent frame is pole. As the picture shows. The camping tent pole all material is aluminum. The Steel Poles is too weight and easy to be rush, it is not a good choose. Our roof top tent Aluminum poles has two size-16mm and 25mmdiameter. If you want the tent, you could choose 25mm aluminum poles.

3.People a car roof tent can hold:

Car roof top tent can contain different people, for example:

1.) width is 1.4m can contain 2 persons;

2.) width is 1.65m can contain 3 persons;

3.) width is 1.8m can contain 3 adults and 1 child;

4.) width is 2.2m can contain 4-5 persons.

The width depends on your requirements. In general, a 4 person car top tent can satisfy the needs of a family.

4.Fly net:

To choose the network secret. The main anti-bugs of the denser can’t enter, so breathability will be better.

5.Zipper: YKK zipper is better

We need to carry out so many equipment when camping, the tent is probably the largest and heaviest in it. Whether the zipper can hold the tent is absolutely important. When it comes to camping, the quality of the tent zipper can’t be discounted. Imagine this scene, after camping on a rainy day, you are lying in a tent for the night, only to find that the tent’s zipper cannot be pulled.

Without repair tools and replacement zippers, campers will soon face a very humid, cold and windy night. The YKK metal zipper, suitable for any tent size, which have high hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

6.Tips for storing tents:

Every tent is sold with a bag, and many people are used to collecting the tent. But usually it is not so convenient to put the folding roof tent in a well-formed stack, and the space of the backpack is limited. What’s even more troublesome is that many tents are packed in a long tube bag. If you use a little smaller backpack, it is very likely that you can’t put it in.

So what should I do? The best way is to give up the bond that the manufacturer’s design brings to you – throw away the outer bag of the tent and use a large sleeping bag. If you want to save the volume, add a sleeping bag compression belt to press the volume to a smaller size. In this way, the sleeping bag that has been closed is turned into a ball from the original long tube, and it is placed in the backpack to arrange the position.

Another advantage of doing this is that the position of each fold is random at random, and if it is only for the sake of beauty, it can only be received in the original tent bag, so the position of each fold is Fixed, long time this part is easy to age first. After the tent is settled, the rest of the tent pole is much better. It is easy to put it in a backpack or to hang it outside the backpack.


Roof tents will make your next camping trip even more enjoyable. It should not make your trip more troublesome. If you want to buy a roof tent, consider its materials, accessories and ladders first, and you will spend more exciting adventures with friends and family without sacrificing time and safety.


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