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30-second Tent Set-up And Closing Instructions

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Why do I have to say that this ground tent can be opened in 30 seconds? Because it’s really convenient and fast to open it, it doesn’t take you a lot of time. Even it is very simple to open car trailer with roof top tent. Now we will show you how to open the ground tent in 30 seconds.

1.  Open roof tent

Once you have bought the fit hard shell car roof top tent, follow the steps in the instructions and open top tent first.

2.  Expand tent

Expand your tent and the aluminum poles around the bottom.

3.  Pull up the tent

Hold the pole top and then pull up. The general appearance of the tent has been initially formed.

4.  Press the plastic part

In the previous step, you have already lifted the tent up. When you open the tent, please press the plastic part with another hand.

5.  Fix the tent

The spreader bar is mounted on the bottom to hold tent sturdy.

Now You see that the steps to install the tent are very simple. The set-up of our roof tent is so quick that it just need 30 seconds. Once you have set up it you have the ability to camp anywhere. Whether you want to camp in a remote inland, cold front or at the back of a house, you can use a rooftop tent to camp in almost any place.

After a short break, you choose to set foot on the journey again, then the question is, how to close the tent that has been opened?

Instructions of closing the overlander roof top tent

1 Close one corner of the tent first and then another.

2 There is a strapping strap at the bottom, once the tent is fixed, place it in the tent bag that comes with the tent.

Besides, if you choose our hard shell roof top tent with annex for camping, it will give you a great experience. You can rest under the side tents and then sleep on the roof tent of the car.

Also, if you are interested in the 4 person roof top tent, you can go through all kinds of products on our wincar car top tent platform-this website.



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